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SAT-7 broadcasts 24/7 across the Middle East and North Africa to millions of viewers – which means at any given moment, someone somewhere could be watching and learning about Jesus for the first time! Let’s pray that as they watch, they will have an encounter with the risen Jesus.

Download Prayer Guide

What's in the prayer guide?

The free Lent prayer guide booklet features:

  • Weekly reflections on praying for SAT-7 viewers during Lent
  • Daily prayer points for people across the Middle East
  • Stories of transformation from SAT-7 viewers…

How do I use the prayer guide?

Each week during Lent, we’ll pray for a different group of viewers:

  • The Finders: Those who have found SAT-7 for the first time
  • The Hurting: Viewers with physical, emotional or spiritual pain who need to feel God’s love
  • The Seekers: People who are searching for Jesus and asking earnest questions
  • The Children: SAT-7’s young viewers, many of whom are growing up in difficult circumstances
  • The Scrollers: Social media users who are finding a safe haven in SAT-7’s online platforms
  • The Disciples: Believers in the MENA who are in need of discipleship and fellowship.

Look out for the clock icon, which are the Program Times, giving the time of a specific program being broadcast. If you can, try to plan ahead and pray at that exact time on the day! All times are given in Eastern European Time.

Each week includes a “Go Deeper” Bible study session for use in small groups or on your own. These six sessions take a look at a story from the life of Jesus with questions for either discussion or reflection.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”
– Colossians 4:2