Each week during Lent, we’re praying for a different group of viewers. This week, we’re praying for The Disciples: Believers in the MENA who are in need of discipleship and fellowship.

Parmida was tired of being alone. In the 14 long years since she became a Christian, she had never set foot in a church, or even had a Christian friend to encourage her in her faith. Until she turned on SAT-7.

“I feel like a prisoner,” Parmida told us.“My heart’s desire is to experience the excitement of being in God’s presence with other believers, singing worship songs.” In her native Iran, this is an elusive dream – churches for Iranian believers are forced to meet in secret, so are hard to find.

In need of discipleship, Parmida found SAT-7. “My church fellowship is only through Christian channels like yours,” she said.

“Whenever I have a question or problem, God puts it on my heart to go and watch your channel,” she shared. “I’m always amazed when I watch – it’s as though the programs were designed to address my problem just when I needed it. Your channel speaks to me like a living person.

“You are the hands, the feet, and the heart of Christ. So whenever any of you working at SAT-7 feel tired or discouraged and need strength to carry on, remember that your channel is the only Christian friend for a believer in Iran.”

Being a believer can be a challenge in the MENA, where access to churches, Bibles and Christian resources can be difficult or even illegal. Many like Parmida are in desperate need of teaching and encouragement. Over the next week, we’ll pray for followers of Jesus throughout the region – that SAT-7 will help them to become true disciples.

Let’s pray for the Disciples…



Pray for SAT-7 PARS program Secret of Life, which airs at 13:30. The show, in the Afghan dialect of Persian, aims to model church and provide discipleship to Afghanistan’s hidden Christians.


Pray for Parmida in Iran. Ask that God will make a way for her to find fellowship with other Christians.


Ayyoub in Lebanon messaged to say: “I am so glad you prayed for me last week when I called and told you that I was not reading God’s Word. I was really encouraged by you and started reading it again.” Ask that someone who hasn’t read the Bible recently will be prompted to pick it up again today.


Most churches in the Middle East will be celebrating Easter on 24 April. In the coming days, pray that viewers will grow in their understanding of Jesus’ death and resurrection.


Ester in Iran said: “I am truly grateful for the files you sent. What a wonderful sermon, and the worship song was a real blessing to me.” Give thanks that the viewer support team can send Christian materials securely via messaging apps like WhatsApp. Pray that other viewers like Ester will be blessed by these resources today.


As believers grow in their understanding of and love for Jesus, pray that they will be inspired to make more disciples! Ask that someone watching now will feel prompted to share the Good News with a friend.


The weekly Friday service from Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Church in Cairo is broadcast live today at 11-13:00. Pray that isolated believers will tune in and feel uplifted by the body of Christ.

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