SAT-7 has always aimed, and explored new ways, to promote peace and unity throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Music has often been a way to bring people together of different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Following the Christmas event “Christmas of Peace” organised in December 2016 by SAT-7 in Beirut, SAT-7 Lebanon is now organising an Easter concert. The event is called “With the Crown on Your Head”. This pre-Easter event is to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death, since Easter is the principal event of the Christian faith.

In collaboration with renowned public figures

The event will take place 3 April 2017, in the Antonine Sisters Theatre and will feature the renowned singer Joumana Mdawar who will be singing Arabic worship songs and hymns. The event program includes traditional solemn hymns centred on Christ’s suffering for our sakes. While Joumana is singing, video depictions of different scenes of the crucifixion will be projected in the background. The event will also include vox-pop videos of thoughts and poetry from public figures such as renowned poet Habib Younes. Following the videos, the event will be completed with a resurrection song by Joumana Mdawar.

An initiative for unity

This initiative from the SAT-7 Lebanon office is with the intention to sustain SAT-7’s presence on the Lebanese scene, and bring together Lebanese Christians of various denominations under one roof to celebrate their Christian faith. The location has the capacity to host 800 guests, and the event is free entrance to public, with 200 VIP invitation given to partners and supporters of SAT-7.

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