Since its launch in December 2019, SAT-7 PARS’ Hashtag has seen encouraging growth in audience and in viewers’ spiritual growth. Participating in a recent competition, many viewers shared what they had learned through the new youth program.

“I was so encouraged by all the messages I received from our viewers,” says Parastoo Poortaheri, Presenter and Producer of Hashtag. “I love it when viewers call in and engage during the live broadcast, and it is wonderful to know that they really are learning more about God’s Word and His love for them through Hashtag”.

Consisting of many different segments including Bible Heroes, DIY, hacks and tricks, science experiments etc, Hashtag is aimed at viewers between 10 and 16 years old. Through engaging content, Parastoo offers youth practical tips, teaches them about the world around them, and shares stories from the Bible, encouraging her young audience to learn from them.

Hashtag is a good program that gives hope to teenagers,” shares one 16-year-old girl from Afghanistan. “Especially in these circumstances when people are in their homes. I have learned a lot through the Bible stories, and I have come to the conclusion that God is with us at any time and in any place. All we need to do is have faith in him and not forget that He loves us”.

“We should walk the way that God shows us, and love God through both the difficult and the happy times, and never lose our hope,” she continues. “We have to be like Joseph and forgive each other, to be like Job and have patience. We always have to be brave because God said wherever you are, ‘I am God and I am with you’. In addition to these beautiful stories from the Bible, I also love the worship songs that give me peace and happiness”.

One 13-year-old boy from Tehran called Amir shared the following message: “Dear Parastoo, through Hashtag I have learned to be kind and not to lie and to protect myself from the coronavirus. I often wondered who Moses and Joshua were and what they did, but by watching your program and listening to their stories, I now know who they are. I have learned that the Bible is a good book and we should read it always, that we should not only eat food, but we should also feed ourselves from the Bible. I also learned to be joyful all the time, to study the Bible and to obey God. I like you so much!”.

Before Hashtag, Parastoo hosted a popular program for girls called A Girl’s World. The program was watched by both girls and boys, who now also watch Hashtag.

“Hello Parastoo, I love you! I have learned a lot through Hashtag. I love the worship songs and the tips and tricks which are very handy to use. I can understand the Bible much better through your program and the way you teach the stories. I think this program suits teenagers very well. A Girls World was also good, but this program Hashtag is different in a good way. Overall, it is a very different program with the different segments and it’s very useful and educational,” shares Ramona, who used to follow A Girl’s World regularly.

Like in the rest of the world, there are many young teenagers in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan who are staying home due to the pandemic. Many of them are coming across SAT-7 PARS by chance. Please pray that Hashtag will be a source of encouragement to all young viewers who watch the program, that they will learn more about God’s love for them, and that they will be empowered through it.

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