10-year-old David journeyed across Turkey with his mother and younger siblings to the NETWORK 2018 conference to pray for the organisation. David and his family watch SAT-7 every day.

“Lord, I want to pray for SAT-7, for the people who are in front and behind the cameras, that you will be with them in every step they take,” prays David from the conference stage.


David and his family are currently living in Turkey – the decision on their asylum claim is pending. Following Jesus while living in Iran became too dangerous, so they fled. But it has not deterred their faith.

Persian channel SAT-7 PARS is available to watch on two different satellite platforms as well as online, meaning David has access to his most-loved channel anywhere he is.

“I love SAT-7 PARS. I watch it every day. But my favourite show is Golpand.”


David first made contact with SAT-7 when he called into Golpand on Persian New Year. Golpand is a live interactive children’s show, aiming to teach biblical principles in a fun and engaging way through drama and games. Usually, live calls are to answer quiz questions or to participate in games and contests. But David called to pray for SAT-7 PARS and its staff. Wise beyond his years, the ten-year-old prayed with maturity and an earnest heart:

“I thank You, Lord, for them and their programs and ask You to be with them. They are trying to help those all Your children, so bless the network and touch the hearts of all who hear them. Dear Father, I pray that You protect us from anything that comes against us, protect us from any wrong thoughts and cancel any spell. I desire Your Holy Spirit. I submit to You the words of my mouths and praise You. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

After finishing his prayer, David sang a worship song and shared his dream of becoming a church minister to serve the Lord.

Presenter Meysam Rafieniya says it was incredibly encouraging to receive David’s call:

“This is why we do what we do. Programs like Golpand are important because we have a chance to send a message about Jesus to children in Iran where it is hard to learn about Jesus.”


SAT-7 PARS is adjusting its schedule to better care for youth. Moe Pooladfar produces a weekly live show for young adults aged 18 to 25 called 4:12. He emphasises the importance of programming for the younger generation:

“The Persian-speaking population living in this region is so young. We have an amazing opportunity through SAT-7  to spread the Gospel. SAT-7 can make the good news available to millions of open-hearted youth in the region,” he says.

Youth programs based on biblical teaching are essential when considering the following statistics:

  • Iran – 80 million population, 60% under 30 years of age.
  • Afghanistan – 35 million, 46% under 15 years of age.
  • Tajikistan – 8.5 million, 51% under 25 years of age.

SAT-7 aims to show that a relationship with God can be a positive, life-changing, fulfilling experience.

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