The worship program Family of Jesus is a vital support for viewers in the most difficult situations. The show gives isolated believers a chance to share their stories and receive prayer – and recently, a father of two from war-torn Yemen sent his amazing testimony to the team.

Although he does not come from a Christian background, Adnan* experienced Jesus in his life since he was very young.

“It all started when I was a child, playing with my friends at the beach,” he writes. “I saw a man dressed in white and riding a white horse, only a few metres away. I pointed him out to my friends, but they didn’t see him.”


As he grew up, Adnan prayed faithfully. But over time, he began to have questions.

“I prayed to God to lead me in the right way,” he writes. “I read the Bible and searched the Internet … I read the story of Adam in the Old Testament and saw the film about Jesus. When I read in the New Testament how Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery, I saw the truth.”

Shortly after, he asked Jesus for forgiveness and accepted Him as his Lord and Saviour.


“I prayed, ‘Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me, for I’m a sinner. I accept You with all my heart as my Saviour. Come rule over my life and change me to the person You want me to be.’

After Adnan prayed this prayer, he fell asleep – but in the middle of the night, he was woken by a terrible pain.

“[It was] as if something was being pulled from my chest,” he remembers. “I woke up and cried to Jesus. After that, my life changed.”


This dramatic encounter encouraged him to share his faith with his wife and children for the first time – and they accepted Jesus, too.

“But it was difficult to share our faith with others,” he writes. “Relatives, friends, and neighbours rejected and threatened us. We had to flee to Sanaa, where no one knew us.”

But through all his trials, God never abandoned him. Adnan continued to dream of Jesus.

“In my sleep, I saw a white horse pulling a cart with a man sitting in it. He asked me what I wanted, and I told Him I wanted to be baptised. “He put something golden on top of my head and it was so hot I felt my head was burning,” he said.

When pressure from their relatives increased, Adnan and his family fled to a neighbouring country – and there, he and his family were baptised.


Adnan’s family sought refugee status in their new country, but this was rejected. They have since had to return to Yemen. His wife continues to face threats from her family, which are causing her great distress.

SAT-7’s role in encouraging isolated believers like Adnan could not be more vital.

Adnan was comforted by watching Family of Jesus, which shows viewers that no matter where they are – and no matter what they are going through – they are loved by God and by their Christian brothers and sisters.

The SAT-7 Audience Relations team followed up with Adnan to encourage him to keep on praying and stay strong in faith, to which Adnan replied:

“Thank you SAT-7 for communicating with me. You are our only family on this earth. We have no other family but you.”


*Name changed for security reasons

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