Worship song spreads hope across the Holy Land

Christians from the Holy Land are sharing a powerful worship song as a prayer for their war-ravaged homeland. It was shown on SAT-7 ARABIC program Today not Tomorrow as part of a special episode about the conflict in the Holy Land, and it is being played on local radio stations there – giving hope to listeners of different religions.

“Bless my Country” was produced by the Palestinian Bible Society, involving Christians from churches and choirs in different places, back in 2015, but it is being shared again now as a prayer for God’s grace, peace and blessing on the land in the midst of the devastating crisis.

“Our role as Christians is to be salt and light, to be tools in the hands of God to give out love and communication, to tear down walls between us and others. That’s our faith: to be like Christ during difficult circumstances,” Elias El-Najjar, from the Palestinian Bible Society, told Today not Tomorrow. He added, “Pray for the future generations in the Holy Land so they would have maturity, faith, steadfastness, and effectiveness.”

The video for “Bless my Country” showcases the beauty of the land as well as its Christian presence. The song was originally written by the Better Life worship team in Egypt about their own country and then adapted by Christians in the Holy Land. It is an inspiring declaration of faith, opening with a reminder of who God is: “Whatever the situation, You who separated the seas are mighty. No matter how dark it is on earth, heaven is full of light.”

It then moves into prayers for the Church in the Holy Land and for all people living there: “Our churches need You. With your love we remove hatred. Let your Gospel be in my land, that we may live in faith…

“The people of your birth country need you. They need your resurrection. We are a branch, and you are the vine. We are your people, and you are the shepherd. Extend your staff and comfort, and fill my country with your Holy Spirit. Bless my country… bless my country.”

Loss and hardship

Other guests on Today not Tomorrow shared personal stories of how they and their families have been impacted by the Holy Land conflict.

Sherine Awad, Director of Bethlehem Bible College, told how she lost her aunt in the blast at St Porphyrius Church on 19 October. “My aunt was a leader. She was a school principal. She was a churchgoer and always ready to meet Jesus. She is in a better place, but it was difficult for us to accept.

“My other aunt is injured, and she is still in hospital. How do you feel knowing that people you love are hurt? We all feel sad for anyone hurt either in Gaza or anywhere else… Every person is a human and created in the image of God. We must know that war leaves innocent children, mothers, babies, and men casualties.”

In a voice message sent to the program, a woman from Bethlehem explained how her family has been affected by the war. “We rely mostly on tourism here in Bethlehem. My family and I work in the tourism industry, and now we are out of work. There’s no source of income. The country is closed. We can’t even leave Bethlehem. All cities are affected economically by the war. We ask for prayer for peace and for the war to stop.”


  • Give thanks for the faith of Christians in the Holy Land, and pray for the Lord’s continued strength and encouragement.
  • Pray that “Bless my Country” will make an impact in the hearts and minds of people throughout the Holy Land, and that the Lord will answer the prayers voiced in the song.
  • Pray for all those grieving, injured, and suffering hardship as a result of the war. Pray for the Lord’s comfort, healing, and provision.
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