First of its kind on SAT-7 TÜRK, the new live show Worldview is analysing relevant news topics with a Christian perspective. Co-hosts Senem Ekener and Pastor Volkan Er are keen to promote healthy and respectful discussions as viewers share their differing opinions.

The new discussion program joins the roster of news-focused media that SAT-7 TÜRK provides for its audience. Unlike the weekly news bulletin, Worldview’s hosts handpick current events from the week and bring a Christian perspective to them.

“By analysing a specific matter from a biblical perspective, we can explore how God sees it in the overall history of events – showing the big picture,” explains Ekener.


Worldview is entirely social media interactive – meaning that each week’s episode is decided by the topics most requested by the audience, and the hosts analyse opposing Facebook and Twitter comments submitted by viewers.

“We create specific hashtags so that the audience can follow trending topics and comment their opinions. We try to read as many as we can, highlighting those that create contradiction and discussion, and bring them before the camera,” says Ekener.


In the wake of the failed coup of 2016 and an ever-shifting political climate in Turkey, Ekener says that one of her prayer points is being able to navigate particularly sensitive topics that will inevitably arise.

“Of course, subjects like these will come to the table. We want to set a healthy example of how you do not have to agree with an opinion but still maintain a respectful approach to others. Unfortunately, this is not part of our culture, so we make it a matter of great importance.”

“The Lord demands us to pray for our leaders and our country. I, personally, may not agree with certain actions or decisions taken, but it never forces me to be disrespectful. Instead, I have to see them as God sees them – as a person created in His image.”


Pastor Er ministers a Protestant church and Ekener is a member of an Anglican church. Though they are part of two congregations, they belong to one Church family.

“As Christians, we have the responsibility of showing the biblical worldview. Humans are fallen which is why there are issues. We don’t have to agree, but we can be respectful of one another,” adds Ekener.

As Worldview is not designed to be a biblical teaching program, Ekener says the focus will not be on specific doctrine. Instead, they will point to what Scripture says about relevant issues.

“Everything we discuss is part of creation. The underlying problem is the sin of human hearts. So, it is important to quote from the Bible to remind us that God is not far away from what’s happening today.”

Ephesians 6:12 says, ‘our struggle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual hosts of wickedness.’ Pastor Er has written a book on spiritual warfare and agrees that a crucial part of Worldview is reminding viewers to distinguish between people and the forces of darkness.

“Some Christians remain silent for fear of stepping on people’s toes. The desire for justice is something that comes from the Lord, so keep that passion within you but fight against evil, not people.”

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