In a time of uncertainty across the Middle East and North African region, how can women respond? 

Refugee mothers struggle as they watch their children go without schooling. Career women must endure sexual harassment* to climb the professional ladder. And many women feel vulnerable as “honour killings” go unchecked. Yet, women across the Middle East are demonstrating what it means to be a ‘Proverbs 31’ woman despite these difficulties.

“She speaks wisely, teaching with gracious love.”
– Proverbs 31:26

In the past several weeks, we have seen what it means to be a Godly woman. Through SAT-7, we have witnessed that, regardless of circumstances, women are overcoming discrimination. Together we are helping to positively change society through Christ.

Mothers are showing their perseverance through the SAT-7 program Needle and New Thread. As presenter Riham Jarjour points out, “Every woman has her struggles. Needle and New Thread is like a room with glass walls. When we are transparent, women join in, speak freely, and listen to one another.” See how Needle and New Thread helps women to be more than just caregivers, family members, and breadwinners.

On the popular live praise program We Will Sing, one woman shared her inspiring testimony. Nicknamed “God’s Daughter,” this woman was widowed for 20 years and faced challenges of many kinds. When she called into the program for prayer in 2015, all she wanted was death. Yet, God changed her circumstances. In another call in 2016, “God’s Daughter’s” mourning had turned to joy. Read this strong testimony of how God is always with women, no matter what challenges they are facing.

And through two unique programs, women across the Middle East are uplifting one another. On the program She’s the Story, women are sharing their stories of workplace success to encourage others to persevere despite gender discrimination. Meanwhile, the Turkish program Homemade seeks to build self-assurance in women who feel insecure and lack confidence. See how this program is breaking boundaries and laying new paths for women all across Turkey.

Together, we are showing women across the Middle East and North Africa their self-worth in Christ. You can make a difference to millions of women.

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