Sister Nabila Saleh continues to be a Christian missionary in the middle of a war zone. As Principal of the Rosary Sisters School in Gaza, she was recently interviewed on SAT-7’s weekly current affairs program, You are Not Alone, witnessing to Christ through her perseverance and service. 

“I ask for peace from God in the Middle East, in our hearts, homes, and families. Our mission is to support believers here. We cannot leave every place that has difficulties. Our presence is very important for the people. Jesus Christ endured the cross and did not run away from it,” says Nabila. 

Sister Nabila Saleh

Parts of the school were badly damaged during the recent airstrikes in the Holy Land.

“We were terrified because we felt death was too close. It is natural to fear, but when you surrender yourself to Christ, He gives you strength. Our faith in God and Jesus makes us strong, and we continue to encourage the people not to fear,” she says. 

Living in a politically volatile area, the Sisters of the Rosary face many difficulties. Some are confined to their town all year, only getting permission to leave for Christmas or Easter. Yet, they don’t consider closing the school because they feel their mission is essential for the Christian residents of Gaza. 

Sirene with Sister Nabila Saleh

“There are about 1,170 Christians in Gaza. Some believers question God’s presence when they face difficulties. It is important to have hope and faith. We are called to support the Christians in Gaza,” she said. 

Nabila encourages her school students to continue reading the Bible regularly and attending church for spiritual support. 

As she asks God for peace, Nabila is appealing to people in positions of power to work not for political benefit but for the good of man.  

“Most countries in the Middle East suffer from a lack of peace. “We plead that leaders put differences aside because in war, everyone loses. Let’s work to build peace,” she said. 

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