In times of turmoil parents often long for support to help them provide stability for their children. With Smyrna is helping parents with practical parenting advice from a biblical point of view.

Written and presented by family counsellor, Smyrna Khalaf, the programme not only teaches parenting skills but also aims to deepen parents’ emotional understanding of their children. With each episode only three minutes long, Smyrna’s parenting tips are straight to the point and infused with biblical values.

“There are a lot of parenting styles that are not reaching children in our region”, explains Smyrna. “Parents sometimes don’t give children a voice to explain that ‘I need to be respected; I need to be cared for; I need to be talked to in a positive manner and I will listen’. One thing I repeat in every episode is that Mums and Dads need to model the behaviour they want to see in their children.”

The second series of With Smyrna, currently airing on SAT‑7 KIDS and SAT‑7 ARABIC, is dealing with issues of trauma and aims to build awareness amongst parents so that they can recognise and deal with troubling behaviours. As a mother herself, Smyrna is passionate about integrating psychology with the Bible to provide practical help to parents. She explains, “My heart is for families, to reach out and help people have healthy family relationships”.

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