As fears spread in the wake of new coronavirus cases, Family of Jesus comforts children in the Middle East with the peace of Christ. In the first episode of its new season, the SAT-7 KIDS worship program also highlights the sacrificial service of Chinese Christians, combats misinformation, and leads viewers in prayer for China.

“When you are a member of the family of Jesus, you never have to be afraid of anything,” says Melad Awad. The presenter begins the 15 February live broadcast wearing a surgical mask, drawing children’s attention before helping calm the anxieties affecting many. “Don’t be afraid of a virus, or of anything that might happen, because Jesus Himself is with us,” he says.

Awad encourages children to help prevent the spread of infection, including with frequent handwashing. Then, he urges them to know the facts and reject fearmongering and racism. “People have been spreading rumours about China since the coronavirus crisis began, but we, the family of Jesus, cannot hate anyone,” he says. “People in China were created by God, just like the people of the rest of the world.”

Presenter Melad Awad urges children to meet fear with peace

Between worship songs and prayer, young viewers also heard how Chinese Christians are risking everything to distribute surgical masks in Wuhan. “Christian believers are standing in the street wearing special yellow suits, distributing the masks for free. They tell people that Jesus loves them,” Awad says. Giving children an example of how to witness to Jesus amid a crisis, he continues, “Those believers weren’t afraid to put themselves in danger. Even the police were surprised that they distributed the expensive masks for free. They gave a testimony of their belief in Christ. The police began to help them after that.”

Awad also shares some background about China; its efforts to contain the virus and its economic influence; and the status of religious freedom in the country. “China is one of the countries that do not allow evangelism or speaking about Christ,” he explains. “Those who know Christ gather in homes, secretly praying and worshipping the Lord. Even though they are far away and speak a different language, they are still members of the family of Jesus. God loves them just as He does us.

“Let’s pray for them, as well as for those who are not Christians,” he continues. “To all our friends in China, we want to tell you that we love you and encourage you not to fear. We are praying for you.”

While coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, is not widespread in the Middle East and North Africa, cases have been recorded in Egypt, where Family of Jesus is made, as well as Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, the Holy Land, and Iran. Prevention was also discussed in much greater detail on the SAT-7 ACADEMY-brand parenting program The Coach, on SAT-7 ARABIC.

Please pray

During the episode, presenter Sandra led viewers in prayer for China. Will you echo her words and lift up to God all those affected by coronavirus?

“Lord, we thank you for your presence with us all the time. We pray for those in pain because of coronavirus. We ask for your healing and protection for them, and for us. We pray that all evil will be turned to good. Just as China has an influence on the whole world with its products, I pray that the influence of your Word will grow there.”

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