A new SAT-7 PARS show hopes to bring positive change to the next generation of Persian-speakers. Raising Children in a Godly Way provides parents with unique advice and openly discusses the sensitive and ‘taboo’ topic of child abuse.

There are many first-generation believers in Iran and some parents are unsure how to raise their children in a Christ-honouring way since they were brought up very differently.

“We cover one aspect of Christian parenting in each of the twenty episodes,” Rev Mohammad Sanavi, the Presenter of the show, explains. “We talk about love being the foundation of a family. We study inspirational parents in the Bible and we give practical advice.”


“We also talk about a taboo topic – nobody wants to talk about it, but we spent almost two episodes on it.”

The topic is child abuse. The prevalence of child abuse, including emotional abuse and neglect, in Iran is estimated to be extremely high – although reliable data is scarce.[1] There is particular controversy surrounding sexual abuse, and consequently, the issue is rarely openly discussed or addressed.

Raising Children in a Godly Way seeks to rectify this, with Rev Sanavi openly discussing how parents can protect children, help a child who has been abused, and equip children to protect themselves.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have these kinds of resources in Iran. I’m so glad that SAT-7 PARS gave me the opportunity to do this program and give some tools to parents. We are going to save a lot of broken hearts and lives.”


Rev Sanavi believes that there is a great need for a new approach to parenting. Although many parents may want to focus on how to correct and change child’s behaviour, he urges them to focus on the heart instead by striving to create positive and healthy attitudes in their children.

He also believes that this series comes at a critical time: “Life is very hard in Iran right now. The value of currency has dropped dramatically, people are working longer and trying to survive. They may not have time for their kids. But they are the future. Parents need to spend time investing in them.”

“I am so glad that SAT-7 is giving value to the next generation,” Rev Sanavi adds. “We may not see the result next year, but we will see the change when those little children become adults. If we invest in them now, they will be able to change the world for the better.”


[1] National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Child Abuse in Iran

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