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Wednesday Tours

SAT-7 has arranged two optional tours on Wednesday 27 March for all NETWORK attendees arriving before the conference. Each trip costs EUR 60 and covers the transportation, entrance, guide, lunch with a soft drink, and tips. Read about the fantastic options below! Please note that these trips must be booked and paid for alongside the conference fee.

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Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings is a large necropolis lying about 2km north of Paphos harbor and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The underground tombs, many of which date back to the fourth century BC, are carved out of solid rock. They are thought to have been the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high officials until the third century AD. Some of the tombs feature Doric columns and frescoed walls.



St Paul’s Pillar

Saint Paul visited Paphos in 45 AD in an attempt to convert the ruler of the time to Christianity. He was successful in his efforts, but not before being tied and whipped to this otherwise unremarkable lump of stone. The Pillar of Saint Paul is one of several popular stops for pilgrims who come to see the religious sites of this early bastion of the Christian faith. Paul received 40 lashes for evangelising on the island. 



Ayia Paraskevi Church – Yeroskipou

It is considered to be an extremely significant example of Byzantine architecture dated to the ninth century. It has not yet been established whether the church stands on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite.
The church’s architectural plan belongs to the type of the five-domed, three-aisled, barrel-vaulted basilica.



Paphos Mosaics

The Paphos Mosaics are one of the most ancient sites on the island of Cyprus, and considered to be the finest mosaics in the Eastern Mediterranean. They date from the second century through to the fifth century and many are still in remarkably good condition. These mosaics would have originally been the floors of Roman villas belonging to nobles. Many of these sites are still being excavated today



08:30 Gather in the hotel reception area
09:00 Leave the hotel to visit the Tombs of the Kings, St Paul’s Pillar, Ayia Paraskevi Church in Yeroskipou, and the Paphos Mosaics
13:15 Lunch at Hondros Restaurant – traditional Cypriot three-course meal
15:10 Return to the hotel


EUR 60 per person. Includes transportation, English speaking tourist guide, and lunch with drink.

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Sanctuary of Aphrodite – Palaipafos (Kouklia)
In the ancient Greek world, Palea Paphos was one of the most important pilgrimage centres due to its famous Sanctuary of Aphrodite. Today, virtually all that remains is the holy ground itself. The cult of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, was officially established on Cyprus in 1500 BC, with the building of a hilltop temple on this site. However, idols of a fertility goddess dating from as early as 3800 BC have been found at Palea Paphos. The cult may owe its origins to Achaean colonists, who adopted the worship of a native fertility goddess named Astort, who they Hellenized as Aphrodite.

St Neophytos Monastery
The monastery lies 10km outside Paphos, near Tala village. Saint Neophytos was the founder of the monastery in 1159. He lived there and died in 1219 at the age of 85. The main church of the monastery was built around 200 years after his death and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Enkleistra, an enclosure carved out of the mountain by the hermit, contains some of the finest Byzantine frescoes dating from the 12 – 15 century. His rock-table and the stone platform on which he slept are still preserved in his cell, as is his grave. According to legend, this grave is will adjust to measure whoever tries it.


Vasilikon Winery
Vasilikon Winery is one of the first local wineries of Cyprus. Its successful operation is based on the excellent quality grapes of Kathikas and the Akamas Laona areas of Paphos, which are mainly picked from the family’s vineyards. The knowledge, dedication, and care exhibited, together with the technology advanced special machinery used, make Vasilikon one of the most accomplished wineries in Cyprus.


08:30 Gather in the hotel reception area
09:00 Leave the hotel to visit the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, St Neophytos Monastery, and Vasilikon Winery
13:30 Lunch at Vasilikon Winery – traditional Cypriot three-course meal
15:00 Return to the hotel


EUR 60 per person. Includes transportation, English speaking tourist guide, and lunch with drink.

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