Of the 25 MENA countries where SAT-7 is watched, 22 are among the worst places in the world for Christians. As believers in the region face persecution and struggle without rights and resources, SAT-7 supports them to follow Jesus. Our programs help seekers find God, new Christians grow in faith, and mature believers thrive.

In some places in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), persecution has been so severe that Christian communities are thought to face an existential threat. In parts of Syria, where Christians have been forced to flee from specific targeting as well as the turmoil of civil war, their numbers have reportedly shrunk by up to 75 percent.[1]


Sadly, violent attacks on Christians are not limited to warzones. In Egypt alone, 128 believers were killed for their faith and more than 200 were driven from their homes in 2017.[2]

New believers may be especially at risk of attack, social exclusion, or pressure from the authorities. It is also illegal in a number of places for Christians to share their faith with others.

Elsewhere, Christianity is tolerated but believers are treated as second-class citizens, denied political representation, and subject to discrimination.


Christians often desperately need spiritual support to cope with these challenges. But this can be hard to come by when Bibles are restricted and churches face official interference. In Algeria, for example, three churches have been closed since November 2017.

As a result of these issues, many believers lack the spiritual nourishment they need to grow in their faith.


SAT-7’s wide variety of teaching and other Christ-centred programs step into this gap in resources, benefitting viewers at every stage of faith.

The many seekers looking for meaning in a turbulent region can find the truth through apologetics programs such as The Accuser on SAT-7 ARABIC. This show explains the essentials of Christianity and debunks common misconceptions.


New believers can learn from teaching programs such as Revision with Maher Fayez on SAT-7 ARABIC, in which a beloved Christian singer takes viewers back to basics. Incorrect teachings, which can become common when Bibles are scarce, are countered by the SAT-7 PARS program Christianity and Heresies.

Mature Christians often need the most spiritual support at times of suffering. The SAT-7 TÜRK program Why? helps them answer hard questions and offers words of comfort and hope. On SAT-7 PARS, Hidden Borders specifically addresses persecution and Principles of a Healthy Church empowers Persian-speaking church leaders to shepherd their congregations.


Viewers at all points in their spiritual journeys also benefit from televised church services, preaching programs, and testimony shows such as Free Souls, a SAT-7 ARABIC program from Algeria.

Children are not forgotten, either. SAT-7 KIDS broadcasts many Bible-based programs, including The Stories of Jesus, which combines illustrated stories and discussion.


As always, SAT-7’s support for viewers does not end with programming. The channels’ Audience Relations teams are on hand to speak with viewers via telephone, email, or social media. They answer questions and offer prayer support and counselling.

It is these teams who hear first-hand about the amazing impact of SAT-7’s programs. A new Christian in Iran said:

“God has used you to save us. We are spiritually fed by your teachings. Wherever I go, I tell people about all that I’ve learned from your programs. People warn me not to, but how can I keep quiet? I was dead, but now I’m alive.”

[1] “Persecuted and Forgotten?” report for 2017, Aid to the Church in Need

[2] World Watch List 2018, Open Doors

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