Many Iranians enjoy the festive season. In the capital, Tehran, Christmas trees can be seen decorating shops and windows, and Armenian and Assyrian believers have the freedom to hold Christmas services in their churches (read more on 5 and 12 December). But for most Iranian believers, celebrating Christmas in public is not an option.

Underground churches meet to celebrate in small groups, where they might sing carols very quietly and watch Christmas broadcasts on SAT-7. Iranian viewer Pantea got in touch to express her longing for freedom:

“When I see images of beautifully-lit Christmas trees on your television programmes, I pray with all my being that one day we too will be free to proudly and wholeheartedly celebrate Christmas, the beautiful birth of our Redeemer, in our beloved Iran.

“I will celebrate Christmas as I watch your beautiful programmes, see your messages, and join in your prayers. Happy Christmas to all my dear friends at SAT-7 PARS, and joy and blessings to all sisters and brothers in the faith all over the world.”


Pray that Pantea’s longing will be fulfilled – that one day all Christians in Iran will be able to worship and celebrate Christmas in freedom.

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