Virtual Christmas gifts for SAT-7’s Arabic-speaking viewers

With families anticipating an isolated Christmas at the end of a difficult year, SAT-7 Audience Relations staff have prepared a series of virtual “gifts” to encourage and support viewers across the Arabic-speaking world at this time when they need to feel the love of Emmanuel, God with us.

The first gift is for families and couples impacted by many months of stress and restrictions: free live counselling sessions with beloved family and marriage counsellor Jessy Tohme from the program From Heart to Heart. These 40-minute weekly sessions specifically cater to the needs of families struggling during this Christmas season, and they have received incredible engagement, with 4,400 people following the initiative and each individual video watched by up to 2,800 viewers.

Marianne Awaraji (left) and Jessy Tohme (right)

“It has been beautiful. People cannot stop asking questions and we barely have time to answer them all,” shares Marianne Awaraji, SAT-7’s Arabic Channels Audience Relations Manager. “Viewers send private messages on Facebook in real time, and Jessy answers live while protecting the identity of the viewer. Next, we aim for Jessy to take private counselling sessions with individuals or couples – all offered for free for SAT-7 viewers.”

The second gift is especially meaningful for the thousands of children and adults who watch or follow favourite programs regularly. In a special social media campaign called A Heartfelt Prayer, presenters from SAT-7’s most well-loved programs share a personal one-minute video of them praying for viewers. “We want to create a beautiful bond between our viewers and the presenters they love, and to fill their hearts with the joy of Christmas and much-needed support and encouragement,” shares Marianne.

The third gift – a free MP3 download of a Christmas song produced by SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS called “In a manger Jesus was sleeping happily” – will be sent to all viewers who message the channels on social media. “We wanted to give them something that they can listen to as a family, together with their children, during the Christmas season,” says Marianne.

Alongside these gifts, SAT-7’s Arabic channels will share various Bible verses, interactive questions, and inspiring quotes, under four different themes related to the birth of Jesus Christ. The themes – Jesus Incarnation, The gift of giving, Humility, Salvation –  and their content will be shared on SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS social media pages to prepare people’s hearts for Christmas and to explain to viewers – many of whom may not be believers – the true biblical meaning of Christmas in a warm and interactive way.

“Despite the difficulties we faced this year and the tragic events that have shocked the country, our teams here in Lebanon are strong in Christ and more inspired than ever to continue supporting our viewers,” shares Marianne. “And we feel so blessed by God’s provision and by the prayers and support of our Partners and donors, which enable us to be salt and light for the people of Lebanon and across the Middle East and North Africa. We aim to continue ‘leveling up’ our social media presence by creating engaging content during Christmas and for the New Year.”

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