SAT-7 ARABIC’S live current affairs program Bridges responds to extremist attacks and seeks solutions. 

Upon witnessing radicals setting homes ablaze and throwing Christian children into fires, a Coptic Christian woman grabbed her crying baby and ran for her life.

This woman, who spoke to Bridges, is one of many Coptic Christians who was forced to flee after a mob of 300 men attacked their homes in Minya district in Upper Egypt. The attack occurred after rumours had spread that a church was under construction.

This incident is the latest in a recent series of attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Responsive programming
The weekly program Bridges dedicated two episodes to discussing the escalating violence against Coptic Christians. The team invited experts in law, national security and Coptic affairs to analyse recent events and propose solutions.
According to the experts, the reasons for the rising incidents include religious extremism, lax security and a lack of political will in certain parts of the country to protect Egyptian Christians.

“We are facing a crisis in which targeting Coptic Christians is seen by extremists as a gateway to overthrowing the president,” said Kamal Zakher, a Christian activist and writer.

Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, issued a statement encouraging prayer for Egypt and its leadership, in which he said he is “hoping that hearts and minds will be led to greater inclusiveness, justice, equality and refuge for the oppressed.”


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