A woman from Egypt who betrayed her husband shared how their marriage was restored after God spoke to her through a program on SAT-7.

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Wafaa* said when her husband found out about what she had done, their relationship deteriorated almost to the point of divorce. But the situation was completely turned around when she sought God’s help.

She said, “I started watching your programs; I was especially impacted by I Have Hope because it shows testimonies of people who met Jesus and how their lives were transformed completely. I knew that God was speaking to me while I was watching and I cried to God that day to change my life and asked for His forgiveness. Since that day, my life is totally changed. My husband and I are back together, and our marriage is completely restored. My husband started to love and trust me more than before!”

After sharing her testimony, Wafaa requested prayer for her husband to experience the love of God and for their children to grow up in the knowledge of the Lord.

She added,

“I give thanks to God for your ministry, you are the reason my life has changed in an unusual way. Truly, you are a great source of blessing in our lives.”


SAT-7’s viewer support teams frequently receive prayer requests from viewers about issues in their relationships, and it is always a privilege to hear the many stories of prayers answered and marriages restored.

Sara* contacted our Farsi channel after watching Sixth Day, a program about Christian marriage presented by Pastor Shahriyar and his wife, Mina. She was amazed to be put directly in touch with Mina who stayed in contact with her, offering prayer and advice.

Sara said, “During all my years in the Lord, I had never had this experience before. My husband has totally changed since you taught me about the prayer of intercession. He doesn’t treat me with silence and tells me how we should value each other more and treat each other with more respect and honour. He actually listens to me now!”

Initially, Sara hid her contact with SAT-7 from her husband, but after she saw how their relationship had changed, she shared with him the reason why. The couple are no longer intending to divorce and are much happier.

Sara said, “I thank God every day. He keeps my hopes alive and reveals His miracles every day. You helped me to taste the Lord in a very new way. I have found a new perspective about prayer.

“Now I know that God works in mine and my husband’s lives – and our children’s – and we will testify to that.”


  • Praise God for His work in Wafaa and Sara’s families and pray that they will continue to know His blessing.
  • Pray for Pastor Shahriyar and Mina and other SAT-7 presenters and counsellors, that God will continue to use them to advise and encourage viewers struggling with difficulties in their marriages.

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