“You made me dance like David” says a viewer of the new program Spiritual Evening, which attracts large audiences with testimonies and worship music. Presented by two well-known Lebanese figures with their own amazing stories of transformation, the show offers Christ’s hope in a country facing economic crisis.

In brave, open testimonies, studio guests on SAT-7 ARABIC’s Spiritual Evening share how Christ has made miraculous changes in their lives. Their stories speak to the hearts of viewers thirsty for truth – after just three months on air, the live program is viewed by 45,000 viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on average per month.

One viewer writes, “What a filling spiritual meal. You made me dance like David. I pray that all those who share are blessed. May we all be prepared to face any trials in Jesus’ name.” Many other viewers from a Christian background share that as they watched the testimonies, worship songs, and spiritual discussion, Jesus Christ revived their faith which they thought was dead.

In one of the show’s moving testimonies, a guest says, “I wasn’t a believer but when I came to Christ, I believed in Him. I was baptised five months ago. Now I live in peace and joy. My whole life changed. I have a Father in heaven. He changed my life, my family’s life, and my finances.”

Spiritual Evening’s hosts are themselves true testimonies of God’s transforming work. Presenter Tony Franjieh shares on the first episode how he miraculously recovered from decades of drug and alcohol addiction and surrendered his life to Christ. “If I spend my whole life telling about God’s love for me, it could never be enough. I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Jesus’ death on the cross. He carried my sin and death and gave me life. I experienced Jesus’ resurrection in my life. I used to hear about Him, but now I know Him personally,” he says.

Now, Tony leads hundreds of believers to Christ through the New Pentecostal Society, the organisation he founded. Many of these new Christians are now discovering SAT-7 for the first time as they watch Tony on Spiritual Evening.

Bassema, former secular music star and now co-presenter on the live weekly program Spiritual Evening

Tony’s testimony is matched by that of his co-presenter. Bassema, a famous Lebanese singer, sings worship songs on the show. In the same episode, she shares why she left behind her secular career, and all its glory and the accolades, to serve God. “From false glory to real joy… this is life with Jesus Christ. His Word is life. It heals us, gives us life, and changes us through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lifts us and makes from us a new vessel that gives faith and joy. How would others know I changed? Through my joy and peace. ‘Yet indeed, I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord,’” she says.

Between Bassem’s public profile and Tony’s rural accent – he comes from a remote, mountainous area where people do not often see themselves represented on television – Spiritual Evening is accessible to a wide range of people. Guests come from diverse backgrounds, too, meaning audience members are likely to identify with at least one of the stories. “People from different religious backgrounds share their testimonies on the program, says Mirna Adaymi, Supervisor at SAT-7 ARABIC in Lebanon. “They are not afraid to share the stories of how the Lord has touched their lives.”

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