SAT-7’s North African viewers connect with us through our call centres, online platforms and mail. Viewers, from across the Maghreb and all walks of life, share their testimonies, ask for prayers and express their excitement to have Christian programming offered in their dialect.

I met Christ five years ago. I am a regular viewer of the SAT-7 programs. I cannot always watch your programs on our television because my family does not approve, so I watch them through the SAT-7 App on my phone. Thank you very much! I want to watch more programs that speak with my dialect and to the people in my country.
– Bahaa from Tunisia

Thank you, Pastor Elie, for your church service on SAT-7. Thank you also to SAT-7 for praying for my family. My husband found work, but I also want to request prayer for him to get to know Jesus. I pray for myself to be baptized by the Holy Spirit and for my son to be blessed.
– Female viewer from Algeria

Hello, I am 13 years old from Morocco and in the second grade of prep school. I am not a Christian but I love SAT-7 KIDS and follow all your programs. My favourite programs are Stories of Bahamman & Me and My Daughter with Moroccan dialect.

I’m glad you became my pen friend. I really appreciated the daily meditations and verses that you have sent me in previous emails. They touched my heart and showed me what Jesus can do in people’s lives. I have a few more questions. Could you tell me more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit, please? Does Jesus really love little children and those who are not Christian?

I’m excited to receive the Bible you sent me, and I would also like the story that Rita (Elmounayer, from Bedtime Stories with Rita) announced on screen, “Adam and Light”, published by SAT-7. Thank you, and I am waiting for your response.
– Sawsan from Morocco

Hello, and peace be upon you! After 20 years of following SAT-7, I want to extend my gratitude and thanks. I’ve been watching your channel since I was a boy in school and now I’m an adult. I spent 20 years seeking God’s love. Thank you very much!
– Gamal from Morocco, who sent a special postcard for the SAT-7 ARABIC team


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