SAT-7 calls for urgent prayer for Afghanistan, especially for Christians who fear torture and execution and are asking fellow believers to be their voice“People are terrified, everyone is afraid,” one Christian girl saysI am only 16 years old and cannot take what is happening around me. I’m crying out to God right now.

“Please pray urgently for the people of Afghanistan, particularly Christians. Believers are afraid for their lives, and some have received death threats. What was already a very high cost of discipleship has become an imminent threat to safety. SAT-7 is responding with emergency live broadcasts to offer prayer support. Please add your voices in prayer at this time of emergency,” said SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer.

Some believers have reported needing to flee the country since the Taliban took control of Kabul but being unable to do so. Those who remain are under immense pressure, with some sharing that if their faith is discovered, they expect to be tortured for information about other Christians or sentenced to death.

Please pray for the most vulnerable members of Afghan society, including women, children, and members of minorities

An anonymous SAT-7 PARS viewer said, “As Christians we are in real danger. Sadly, in the past two to three days, my family and I have received death threats. In this emergency situation, I have no other way but to escape from the country. Please be our voice; please help us to be heard so that we can flee from this hell as soon as possible.”

Jahan*, another viewer, said: I came to Christ a year ago. The Kabul situation is dreadful. My daughter’s life and my life are both in danger… My daughter is eight years old. She has no one else except me. It was so difficult to find a phone to contact you.”

In addition to being there to pray for and listen to those who are able to contact the channel, SAT-7 PARS is responding with special programming, including a live satellite program to be broadcast on Monday 23 August. The broadcast will address the situation, lead viewers in prayer, and amplify the voices of people from Afghanistan, as well as highlighting the dire struggles of people in Iran’s COVID-19 crisis. This program follows an earlier live broadcast on social media on 17 August called Prayer for Afghanistan.

SAT-7 PARS has also run emergency crawling text across viewers’ screens, calling Persian-speakers to prayer on all its broadcasts and social media platforms. Arabic- and Turkish-speaking Christians across the Middle East and North Africa are also responding to calls for prayer. 

“Our brothers and sisters are asking us to be their voice, and we believe in the power of prayer,” continues Rita El-Mounayer. “We need to pray that believers will find a place of safety; that they will be able to follow Jesus without fear of their lives. Please pray for peace and for protection from brutality and oppression. Pray for women in Afghanistan, who face the loss of so much that has improved their lives. Please add your voice to that of our brothers and sisters as we cry out to God for protection and justice.”

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