“Nora…. hey, Nora! Is that you? Oh, I’m so excited! You don’t know me, but I know you. You’re one of my favourite presenters on SAT-7 TÜRK!”

Bahar* is a really devoted viewer of SAT-7 TÜRK. She watches all the programs and knows the names of all the presenters, camera operators, directors, and lighting crew. Her favourite presenter is Nora Yazırlıoğlu, host of the children’s show Mini City and the relationships program Parents are Asking.

Bahar lives in Mersin, a city in the south of Türkiye. One day she was out for her daily walk and glanced across at a local church. Whom should she see at the door but Nora! She was there with her daughter, Roda, and her husband, Can, who also works at SAT-7 TÜRK, to film a program in the church.

Though they had never met in person before, Bahar regularly spends time with Nora through the medium of satellite television, and she loves and respects her. Staff at SAT-7 TÜRK may not know who their viewers are, but the viewers certainly know them. And sometimes it feels as though all of them live and walk together every day.

Bahar called out Nora’s name with a warmth that is usually reserved for close friends. Nora was initially surprised, but when Bahar told her how she loves all the SAT-7 TÜRK programs and watches her and all the other presenters, she realised that God had arranged their meeting.

Türkiye is a huge country; its Christian community is small and diverse; there are relatively few churches; and many believers are isolated. It can be difficult for Christians to meet and spend time getting to know one another. In this context, it was astonishing that Bahar and Nora’s paths crossed at all.

“The channel has become such a vital part of my life that I can’t get myself to turn the TV off even when I go out of the house,” Bahar said to Nora and Can, who were deeply moved by her words and invited her to record a message to camera.

Many other viewers express their gratitude to SAT-7 TÜRK for what it does in their lives, what they learn from it, and how it supports them. And when they actually meet the channel staff, their happiness and joy overflows in their faces and words. Their positive responses remind the whole channel team of the value of their ministry and encourage them to keep designing and producing programs, from Bible teaching to news, and from children’s programs to films and women’s shows.

Please join us in giving thanks for the impact of SAT-7 TÜRK and praying that the channel will continue to be loved by its dedicated viewers.

* Name changed for security purposes.

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