Turkey has a rich Christian heritage stretching back to the Early Church. But today, there are fewer than 200,000 believers left – less than 0.2 per cent of Turkey’s population. These believers are often isolated and lack resources in their own language, so SAT-7’s Turkish channel may be the only support they have to help them grow in their faith.

During a tumultuous period of change, SAT-7 TÜRK has been a lifeline for Turkish-speaking believers and a powerful voice for the Church in Turkey. We recently received two encouraging stories of lives changed through watching the channel. Both have had difficult struggles with their families, but received guidance from SAT-7 and found hope and transformation in God.


One viewer, Gökçe, was watching the Turkish show The Power of Prayer, a popular series which teaches viewers to pray and seek God’s will. As she was watching, she felt God speak directly into her heart:

“I came across you by chance. The topic of the program was about loyalty, telling how gracious and loyal God is. My mother and father were divorced when I was young, and my mother raised me. He was very repressive and controlling, so I lived my life without a father and was in a constant battle with my mother. She never allowed me to do anything.

I never saw my father and I wanted to get away from my mother as soon as possible. That’s why I got married to escape from home at the age of eighteen. I regret that because my husband is constantly tormenting me, and we do not even love each other. I’m a Christian, but I can’t tell him or anyone else.

As I watched your show today, the loyalty of God and His grace that is present in any situation has relieved my heart very much, and I want to thank you for that. Bless you.”


Yalin, another viewer in Turkey, also had a tough upbringing. He shared that, through watching SAT-7, he finally learnt to see himself through God’s eyes and found his true value in Him.

“Hello. I was watching your channel, and you were talking about the value God gave to us. I lost my mother at a young age, and my father married a woman with a child. This person always excluded me and was only interested in her own child. I used to tell my father about this situation, but he did nothing in fear that his relationship would go sour.

I’ve always felt guilty at home like I was worth nothing because of the way I was treated by my siblings, my stepmother, and my father. But the topic you were talking about today has very much touched my heart, and I can’t thank you enough. I am tired of seeing myself through people’s eyes. Now I know that God loves me.”

Please pray for Gökçe and Yalin, that they would continue to grow closer to God despite their difficult family situations. Pray for others like them in Turkey, many of whom will be keeping their faith a secret from their families, that they would receive the strength and encouragement they need.

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