Rumors and misconceptions have misrepresented Turkey’s tiny Christian minority for centuries. Now, a SAT-7 program is inviting its Turkish audience to call or write in with their burning questions about Christianity.

Short and to the Point is a 5-minute teaching web series airing on SAT-7 TÜRK Online and on satellite television. Presenter Yeşua Özçelik hosts guest apologists, theologians, and other experts. They answer a wide range of audience questions, including:

  • If God is good, why does He allow slavery to continue?
  • Can there be a Christian Turk?
  • What’s wrong with pornography?
  • What makes life meaningful?

Believers in Turkey are often confronted with personal questions like these. Short and to the Point aims both to counter criticisms of Christianity, and to equip Christian viewers with answers to difficult questions. Experts present facts about Jesus Christ through the lense of science, philosophy, theology, and history.

This type of accessible, bite-size teaching appeals to a varied audience of non-Christians and Christians, including those just starting out on their spiritual journeys to becoming mature believers.

Many are hearing God’s Truth for the first time. One viewer, Ozlem, called a counseling center in Turkey to share, “I learned about Christianity through your channel. I like your programs, and I want to know about Jesus’s life. How can I find a Bible?”

Others have had a tumultuous relationship with God, and He has changed their hearts after they watched the SAT-7 TÜRK channel. Another audience member, Enver, writes in an email, “I began to feel anger towards God because of all the evil wars and sorrows in the world. Now I have a hope inside of me, and I owe it to your channel.”

Thank you for your support that is enabling SAT-7 to shine a light on the Truth of Christ in Turkey! Next week, get acquainted with a series of short Farsi language episodes ministering to believers battling the grip of oppression.

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