The testimonies we are receiving from viewers show that God is powerfully at work in Türkiye. He is revealing Himself to people there in all sorts of ways, including the mysterious and the miraculous.

For Hamdi, a Turkish man who recently contacted SAT-7 TÜRK program Homemade, an unexpected encounter with the Bible changed the trajectory of his life. “I come from a non-Christian background. My old faith didn’t make sense to me,” his message began. “One day I was walking down the street, and I found a Bible in the rubbish. I picked it up and started reading it. That night I had a beautiful dream that I will never forget. Then I discovered SAT-7, and I have come this far as a Christian. I am very grateful for your programs.”

For Melisa, a female SAT-7 TÜRK viewer, miracles were instrumental in her coming to faith. “At the age of 16 I believed because of dreams and some miracles,” she said. “After I believed, I saw many miracles of the Lord in my life. May the Lord bless your programs very, very much.”


God is also using SAT-7 TÜRK programs and the channel’s dedicated viewer support team to impact people’s lives. “I love watching your programs,” Serhat shared with us. “In response, I began to research Jesus Christ. During this process, Jesus Christ never came out of my dreams, and eventually, I accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour and believed in Him. Thank you very much for your help.”

Everything has changed for Adil, a man from Türkiye, who spoke with one of our team members. “From the website where you directed me, I found the address of a church and started attending. The pastor was very good to me. My life has completely changed. My life is now all about Jesus Christ, and the Bible is my guide.”

Adil came to faith a little later in life, and it was difficult for him to come to terms with all the time he had spent away from God. “I have lived all these years in vain,” he said. “I only want to serve God for the rest of my life.”


SAT-7 hears from many people in the Middle East and North Africa whose hearts have been turned towards Jesus through dreams. Nursel, a Turkish woman, told us about a remarkable dream she had.

“Before I was a Christian, I dreamt of Jesus Christ, whom I did not know to be the Lord,” she said. “[In the dream,] many non-Christians were standing in lines of two, and I was among them, and there were also Christians standing in lines of two. The woman next to me said to me, ‘Look, Jesus Christ is coming.’ I looked where her hand was pointing and there was a man in a white robe. Suddenly He came to me and said to me, ‘Your place is with the Christians.’ He grabbed me by the shoulders and put me in the line of Christians without letting go.”

Nursel’s dream, powerful though it was, did not convince her to follow Jesus immediately. But God’s pursuit of her was unceasing, and she is now living wholeheartedly for Him.

“My Lord kept giving me dreams and visions,” she continued. “My life belongs to him! He is my everything! All praise and glory to Jesus Christ! Amen.”

Let us thank God for the myriad ways in which He is revealing Himself to people in Türkiye, and pray for these new believers that they will continue to grow in their faith.

Viewers’ names have been changed for security reasons.

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