A former inmate in Turkey got in touch with SAT-7 counsellors about his first encounter with the Gospel. Berk shares his amazing transformation, and how he and other believers in Turkey need encouragement.

“I recently got out of prison but while I was there, I made friends with a few Christians. I started reading the Bible and after some time, I decided that Christ is credible and close to my heart. When I was reading the Bible… I can’t describe the feelings I experienced. Since then, I consider myself a follower of Jesus. But outside of prison, I haven’t found a Bible and I don’t have anyone to talk to about these things.”


Feelings of loneliness and isolation are a struggle for Christians in Turkey, where less than 0.2 percent of the population are believers. Many want to grow in their faith but don’t know where to start or how to find the resources. They lack the fellowship in churches and Christian communities. Fortunately, satellite TV is easily accessible. Over 66 percent of Turks have access to SAT-7 TÜRK on TV, with even more having access online.

Berk came across SAT-7 TÜRK by chance. He writes:

“While changing channels, I came to yours. I started watching it and wanted to write you. Maybe you can help me learn more about Christ? Also, could you please guide me to someone that I could talk to here? I would be so glad. There aren’t many churches here, so I really appreciate your help.”


SAT-7 Audience Relations counsellors helped Berk find the biblical resources he was seeking. He can also experience the wide variety of programs the channel offers, from biblical history to discipleship programs to worship services. The channel seeks to minister to the whole person, also covering topics such as marriage counselling, current events, health, cooking, and art.

Your support makes all of this possible, carrying Christ’s message directly into the homes of Turkey’s tiny Christian minority to encourage and minister to them. Click below to give a gift, and thank you for helping make God’s love visible in Turkey!

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