Many people have dreams of being on TV and becoming famous. Pastor Vahan doesn’t seek fame. His dream of being on TV has a different reason, and has come true through SAT-7 TÜRK.

“I believed I would preach God’s word on TV one day. I didn’t look for opportunities, I sought after God and waited for His timing”, says Pastor Vahan from Turkey.

Beyond the Veil is the realisation of Pastor Vahan’s 15-year-old prayer and dream – to bring the transformative message of God’s love to the people of Turkey. Through SAT-7 TÜRK, he can now speak to millions of potential viewers and address difficult biblical questions and concepts.

Using his own experiences, struggles, and insights, Pastor Vahan lends a personal approach to Bible teaching. “I love to discover what is behind the curtain”, he says, his face radiating with excitement.

Questions and misunderstandings about God, the Bible, and Christians, can continue to separate people from God today. Like the veil in the tabernacle – which separated people from God’s presence in the Holy of Holies [Exodus 26:31-35] – Pastor Vahan’s inspiration for the program comes from a desire to seek God and to discover His nature ‘beyond the veil.’


His approachable manner means that viewers are comfortable reaching out with their own stories, questions, and prayer requests. One viewer wrote to Pastor Vahan:

“I saw your program on Facebook and it was so nice. Every word has a deep meaning. I turned away from God for a very long time. I made mistakes and was a different person, but God helped me. I need to repent for my mistakes, can you pray for me?”


Now that one dream has been fulfilled, Pastor Vahan has big visions for the future.

“I would love to see changed lives” he shares. “My dream is that, one day, we will open the church doors and see hundreds of people. They will say ‘We watched SAT-7 and decided to come to church. This is my dream.”

Pastor Vahan knows that people are watching his program. While walking down the street he is being recognised. Chance encounters with an electrician, who called out to Pastor Vahan and said ‘Hey brother! Great program!’, and a food delivery guy, has left Pastor Vahan feeling surprised and encouraged. Even the mothers at his daughter’s school recognise him and ask questions.


Beyond the Veil has a wider viewership than he expected. Not limited to viewers in Turkey, Turkish speakers write encouraging words, blessings, and questions from across Europe.

“Hello, I am living in Germany. I am very confused. I follow your program regularly – I have been reading the Bible for a long time and I have joined a church. I am learning a lot from your program. I will be in Istanbul soon and if it’s possible for us to meet, I have questions I want to ask.”

Through programs like Beyond the Veil, SAT-7 TÜRK is working to bring about a positive change in people’s lives through Christ’s transformative love.

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