SAT-7 ARABIC is now beginning to air programs made by a brand-new Christian team in Tunisia. As the country marks ten years since the revolution that sparked the “Arab Spring”, we examine the context in which this team is going public with their faith and vision for society.

The members of Perpetua, the new team equipped and supported by SAT-7 in Tunis, are beginning to share their faith and hope with their compatriots at a significant moment for their homeland. As Tunisia marks ten years since unemployment, poverty, corruption, and lack of freedom triggered the first uprising of what is now known as the “Arab Spring”, it remains a country with a complex and somewhat paradoxical society.

The programs the Perpetua team are making for SAT-7 will allow them to bring a new dynamic into contradictions that have continued to exist over the last decade since the uprising including urban and rural inequality, government legislation for gender equality and realities on the ground – and to a society struggling both with longstanding economic woes and the newer challenge of the pandemic. The team are passionate about sharing their faith in Christ, which offers hope in the face of struggle and disappointment and a deeper reason for believing in the equality and dignity of all than that provided by secular values.

Two Christian couples share what Christ’s birth means to them in the Christmas special

After producing the seasonal special Christmas in Tunisia, which shows believers worshipping in a local church along with a Christian couple discussing the meaning of Christmas in their home, the team are now working on a new discussion series called Standard Talk, which will air in the spring. Their goal with this program is to speak not to other Christians but to a much wider audience, addressing a range of topics from knowing God to family life, relationships, and social issues. Each time they will begin with a context that everyone will know, before guests offer a distinct Christian perspective on the topic.

Please pray

As these productions move forward, please join SAT-7 in giving thanks for the Perpetua team. Ask that God will give them the skills, creativity, and understanding to produce output that will attract and speak to a wide and growing audience. Pray for their interactions with freelance media hires, who have shown great enthusiasm and willingness to create highly professional shows. Pray also for the development of SAT-7’s wider programming for North Africa. Most believers there are only first- or second-generation Christians and most cannot meet openly.

Banner image:  “Tunis skyline from Medina (1)” by larrywkoester is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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