SAT-7 is standing in the gap as churches across the Middle East and North Africa remain closed for Easter services. Believers in the region, many of whom are without an Internet connection, are missing fellowship at this special time – meaning the worship, togetherness, and hope SAT-7 provides is needed more than ever.

“As our Easter programs go out this week and next, we are sharing the message that ‘Sunday is coming’,” says SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer. “In today’s troubled Middle East, with anxiety about Covid-19 added to the existing pain of millions already living in poverty, in conflict zones, and in refugee and displacement camps, life feels like Good Friday. But as believers in Christ, we have hope. We know the end of the story. We know that Sunday is on its way,” she concludes in a special video message.

The hope-filled message of Easter is being shared across SAT-7’s channels, including on call-in shows that allow Christians to connect with each other when meeting in person is impossible. The SAT-7 TÜRK live show Let’s Talk aired a special Easter episode including worship songs, and the channel was  asked to broadcast a Good Friday message from the Roman Catholic Bishop and Apostolic Vicar of Istanbul, Monseigneur Ruben Tierrablanca Gonzales. A well-received Easter message about lent was shared by the Patriarch of the Armenian church in Turkey, Archbishop Sahak Maşalyan, who reached out to SAT-7 TÜRK  to connect with isolated Christians of Turkey.

On SAT-7 ARABIC, viewers can take part in church services from home this weekend, including a live Good Friday (10 April) service from St Therese Catholic Church in Lebanon. On Eastern Palm Sunday (12 April), the channel will show a pre-recorded service from Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church in Cairo, along with a live broadcast of a second Catholic mass from Egypt.

A prayer shared on SAT-7 PARS’ live program Signal, resulted in hundreds of messages pouring in. With Easter fast approaching, during his prayer Reverend Keyvan also brought viewers back to the message of the cross. “Lord help us keep Your word in our hearts. Let the cross of Christ be our example and we pray that we would pick up our cross during this time of Lent. May we draw closer to You every day and put aside our sins and worship You more”.

For many Christians in Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, access to churches and Christian fellowship has always been limited. SAT-7 PARS has been supporting and encouraging the isolated, and helping new believers grow in their faith through its programming. This Easter, SAT-7 PARS will continue to support them. The live programs Signal, Hashtag and Golpand will celebrate Easter through live broadcasts, and SAT-7 PARS will be sending encouraging messages to its viewers through all their social media platforms.

Joy for young souls

SAT-7 KIDS is also helping its young audience celebrate Easter from home. In a series of animated clips, the channels is telling the story of the Resurrection in joyful, age-appropriate ways. Each of its ongoing live programs also carries an Easter theme this week. In response to an episode of Chato, viewer Giovanni recently shared this beautiful prayer: “Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for me. Thank you for protecting me and making me your son. Thank you for dying for me and saving me.”

To help children living under lockdown right now, SAT-7 KIDS is also launching a new live show featuring the well-loved presenter Marianne Daou. “Children are suffering from not being able to socialise with their friends,” explains Channel Manager Andrea El-Mounayer. “From having their daily routines changed, and even from domestic violence. For these reasons, Hello Marianne will focus on making children feel valued. It will give them a sense of security and purpose by allowing them to call, share their thoughts, address their feelings, sing with the live band, and ask Marianne to pray for them.”

From our hearts to yours

From the entire SAT-7 team, we pray that this Easter will be for our supporters a time of peace, joy and a fresh revelation of the indescribable miracle and grace of the Resurrection. SAT-7’s ministry would not be possible without your support and prayers, and we are so grateful for you. We pray that you, too, will find opportunities for fellowship and devotional time; that even in isolation, you will know that you are never alone. As our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East are in your prayers, so are you always in ours.

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