Partners are an essential part of SAT-7. They often provide expertise, seconded staff, and other resources to support the organisation’s work. SAT-7 Partners gather annually to receive a personal update about SAT-7’s work, discuss goals, and elect members to serve on the International Council.

IRR-TV is a non-denominational missions’ organisation based in Finland and has cooperated with SAT-7 since the end of the 1990s. Media Mission the Messengers has been a partner of SAT-7 for more than 15 years. In 2012 these organisations joined forces to be able to produce programs for SAT-7 PARS, helping to improve the channel’s quality and impact.

Producer Mikael Tunér aids SAT-7 PARS’ work as part of that partnership. Hailing from Scandinavia, Tunér’s childhood as a missionary kid in Afghanistan has given him an Afghan heart. His background enables him in his current job for a Persian language TV channel.


SAT-7 PARS broadcasts original daily programs for youth, as well as for women and children. Viewers are encouraged to call into the channel’s live shows to join in and receive prayer.

Unless you are registered as an Armenian or Assyrian indigenous Christian in Iran, it is not possible to go to church publicly. The only ways to grow in faith are through home meetings, the underground church, or watching SAT-7 PARS’ programs

In an interview on IRR-TV’s program Mission Report, Tunér says that SAT-7 PARS has an estimate of five million viewers per week in the Middle East and Europe. People can also watch the programs on smartphones.

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SAT-7 is looking for individuals, churches, and organisations who share our vision for making God’s love visible across the region and want to partner with us in that work. Do you feel called to partner with us? Click here for more information.

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