The Secret to Perfect Parenting

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the secret to perfect parenting could be summed up in a single rule? The only perfect parent is our Heavenly Father. The closer we get to Him in our own spiritual lives, the better parents we can be for our children.

Christian parenting resources in the Middle East are very limited, even though over half of the population is below the age of 25. This age group, known as the “youth bulge,” needs a solid foundation to face what the future holds. They’re up against a slew of intense challenges – depending on their country of residence – violence from war, displacement, religious persecution, and unemployment, to name a few. These realities weigh heavy on parents’ minds as they set about daily household routines.

Some are already looking to SAT-7 for answers:

Sona in Turkey shares, “My grandchildren love your cartoons, and I thank you for these educational cartoons. Your channel is in the first place on our TV channel list.”

An Arab mom writes, “I would like to extend my thanks to this wonderful channel in which we really feel that our children are safe. It is the channel that I can leave my daughter in front of when I am busy.”

An Egyptian mom calls in to a live show to say, “My 17-year old son is avoiding praying with his father and me. He is always away from the house either with his friends or at the gym. We tried to advise him against his friends who aren’t good company…please advise me on how to get him back to church.”

A Syrian mom, Najat, appears on the SAT-7 program Speak Up to share how for four years, she witnessed the horrors of ISIS. Surviving three bombings, she and her family had to leave Syria once their home was destroyed. She says, “I am always worried and sad. I also have hope but I am a human being, and sadness and despair overwhelm me.”

From toddlers to teens, parents need someone they can turn to for practical advice, prayer, and godly encouragement. We’re taking our program content to a more interactive level. An emerging social media strategy will guide them through a series of interactions that give practical tips for parenting, ultimately drawing them closer to the Lord in their own spiritual lives.

These activities range from quick online interactions like visiting a parenting website and taking quizzes on social media, to in-depth online parenting courses and participating in local parenting Bible studies.

George Makeen, SAT-7 ARABIC Channels Director, says, “With all the changes rocking the Middle East and North Africa region, and indeed the wider world, it is not only a sense of chaos that is increasingly causing hopelessness and desperation. A lack of quality role models, of leaders or authorities who can be trusted, is also a very important contributor to the crisis.

Thank you for all your support. It is making possible in the region. For a limited time, one donor is matching funds up to $25,000 toward this new SAT-7 initiative. Please consider continuing to be a part of transforming families through the Hope found in Jesus Christ.


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