A new program with inspiring testimonies from Algeria is airing in the North Africa program block on SAT-7 ARABIC. It is Written (Yura Di Tira in Tamazight) shares the stories of Amazigh (Berber) new Christians in short, 3-5-minute episodes.

As a shepherd in a rural area in Algeria, Youssef had few opportunities to meet Christians. But, he shares on the program, a longing to know about Jesus burned inside of him.

“I heard about Jesus Christ as some said He is God and the Son of God. Something inside me stirred, pushing me to find out more about Him. I bought the Bible in the Tamazight language, because I can’t read Arabic or French, and I began to learn more about Him.

“When I read the Bible, I learned that Jesus Christ is God. He’s the one Isaiah prophesied about, Emmanuel… God is with us. I then gave my life to Christ completely and accepted Him as my personal Saviour,” Youssef says.

Trusting in God’s power and sovereignty over his life, Youssef made the decision to pray, in the name of Jesus, for healing from an illness that had affected his life for four years. “I said, ‘Even if I die, my soul is going to heaven and I shall conquer this illness.’ Shortly after, I felt in my body that I was healed.”

“Jesus came to me”

In a country where it is difficult to meet a believer who can share the Gospel, many new Christians describe how Jesus reached out to them through dreams. In another encouraging episode, a man named Hussein shares how he encountered Jesus.

“I heard that Jesus was a prophet who came to the Jews and to Westerners. It was difficult for me to accept Him at first. Jesus came to me in a dream. After that I was convinced that Jesus really exists, and I accepted Him into my life,” Hussein says.

Please pray that these testimonies will help many others in Algeria and across the region to experience the light and hope of Jesus Christ, and that SAT-7 will be able to produce more programs in North Africa to connect isolated Christians to the larger family of Christ.

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