A new SAT-7 PARS show, Wifi, seeks to connect with young and disillusioned Persian-speakers who are searching beyond their immediate environment for meaning and authenticity.

As Christians, we know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, but how can we communicate the heart of God to a people who see God as distant?

Presenter Dariush Golbaghi explains:

“The idea for WiFi came at the end of 2017 as I was thinking about how to attract young people who spend a lot of their life online. WiFi is a metaphor for connecting with God.”


For many young people in Iran, religion and faith is something to leave behind. One of the aims of WiFi is to make the God of the Bible known in a way that will engage young people.

“The idea that God is our Father is entirely foreign for people who have grown up in Iran,” explains Dariush. “But if you know Jesus you can connect with God.”

The main message of the series is that you can know the God of the Bible and have a strong relationship with Him through Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Dariush shares his aim for WiFi: “We want to encourage [viewers] to turn on the ‘WiFi’ of their hearts and connect them to heaven – we want them to know God is not far from you, you can talk with Him and share your life with Him. And if you have a peaceful relationship with the Father you can have a peaceful relationship with others in society, at school or at work.”


Dariush Golbaghi has been working with SAT-7 for nine years. WiFi brings together many aspects of his work as a Church pastor, songwriter, and music producer with a heart to encourage and equip young Iranian worship leaders to effectively serve Iranian believers.

Each 30-minute episode of WiFi connects with viewers through music and conversation that helps to apply biblical teaching to daily life

A major part of each episode is spent discussing topics that affect viewers, such as temptation, relationships, taking responsibility and forgiveness in the midst of pain. In the last five minutes of each episode, live worship music enables the word of God to deeply penetrate the hearts of viewers.

WiFi is due to start broadcasting later this year. The series was produced by SAT-7 Partner Media Mission the Messengers at IRR-TV’s studio in Finland.

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