As churches in the MENA region remained closed during the most spiritual time of the year – Lent and Easter – SAT-7 ARABIC is providing supportive programming to help viewers stay connected to the church.

Churches in the Middle East have played a pivotal role during major events, such as the so-called Arab Spring of 2011, in protecting believers through intense prayers and weekly church meetings. Many came back to Christ after years of addiction, atheism and other distractions. Now with the coronavirus pandemic forcing churches to close, many Christians are left alone to weigh their own faith in front of this inescapable situation.

This is a challenging time for Christians – deprived from the spiritual support they receive from church services and masses. Many Christians volunteer in more than one church service and charity. Now with activities and charities halted, Christians are left to face their own faith in God. Many are pouring their laments on social media as well as using their time to grow spiritually.

One viewer commented on a SAT-7 ARABIC church live service broadcast saying, “We need to unite in prayer. God bless this service and protect the world.”

Another viewer commented “I was so happy to listen to the song. Because in the US we cannot to go to church during this time. God Bless you in all.”

George Michael, who volunteers in helping Sudanese immigrants in Egypt, says he misses church and his volunteer service but is trying to use his time wisely. “I actually made a plan for myself to make the best use of the curfew time to read from the Bible and listen to a sermon each day. As a person who doesn’t love reading, I’ve managed to read much more than before but it’s difficult to stick to the schedule I put for myself during curfew time,” he said. An avid social media follower, George watches SAT-7’s sermon broadcasts online and enjoys more prayer time with his wife at home.

On the other hand, Madelene, who is paralyzed and is staying in a hospital unable to receive visitors because of current health precautionary measures, is finding her own solace in watching SAT-7’s sermons on television. “Nurses leave the hospital at 3 pm and I’m left completely alone with no visitors. My only consolation is that I can watch sermons and church services on TV,” she says.

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