Survey shows SAT-7 TÜRK supports isolated believers

Only around 150,000 people out of Turkey’s almost 80 million population are Christians. Unsurprisingly, Christians in the region can feel isolated and misunderstood. However, in a recent online survey, viewers shared that SAT-7 TÜRK is helping them understand the Christian faith and providing valuable support.

One of the aims of a recent SAT-7 TÜRK online survey was to find out how viewers have been impacted by the channel. The results were encouraging with 1 in 3 respondents saying they grew in their understanding of the Christian faith, felt supported in times of difficulty, or felt more connected to other Christians after watching SAT-7 TÜRK.[1]

It is important to acknowledge that the respondents were a small sample of SAT-7 TÜRK viewers and not necessarily representative of the channel’s entire audience. However, these responses do provide evidence that SAT-7 TÜRK is succeeding in one of its goals – to encourage and support isolated believers in Turkey.


With very few Christians in Turkey, it is not surprising that there are many misconceptions about Christianity, Christians and the Church. Therefore, it is encouraging that over a third of respondents said that SAT-7 TÜRK had helped them grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. This is helpful for believers who lack access to Christian teaching, and also for those of different faiths who can often have quite negative misunderstandings about Christians

One man’s testimony demonstrates this:

“My wife was impressed when she watched the channel with me. Her misconceptions about the Christian faith were changed. She gained a broader perspective, and my faith has deepened.”


“There was no church where I used to live. I remained with the Lord by watching SAT-7 TÜRK,” wrote a female viewer. She is one of many who expressed their joy at having a Christian television channel available to them in Turkey.

Christians living in Turkey can struggle to find opportunities for fellowship, and some viewers reported having no-one to talk to and no church to go to in their local area. SAT-7 TÜRK is helping to bridge this gap between believers, with 29 percent of viewers reporting that the channel helped them feel more connected to other Christians.

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[1] 204 viewers responded to the question about how SAT-7 TÜRK had impacted their lives. 35% said that they had grown in understanding of Christian faith, 32% said they felt supported during difficult times and 29% said they felt more connected to other Christians.

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