A recent survey of SAT-7 PARS shows that large numbers of viewers are growing in their personal relationship with God by watching the channel. Almost 25 percent said they had committed to following Jesus, and over 60 percent said that SAT-7 PARS helped them grow their faith.*

“We bypass censorship and borders to present God’s life-changing message,” shares SAT-7 PARS Executive Director, Panayiotis Keenan, “and we know that although we only represent one thread in people’s journey to faith, we are an important part of the great story that God is weaving in people’s lives”.

“The majority of respondents to the survey were from Iran and Afghanistan, where access to Christian teaching is severely limited. Their responses are encouraging for our team because it shows our programs are successfully helping viewers draw closer to God.”


Moreover, the survey showed that SAT-7 PARS is providing valuable spiritual guidance for viewers at every stage of their faith journey. Overall, SAT-7 PARS’ most substantial impact was spiritual growth: over 60 percent of viewers reported having a better understanding of the Christian faith, and over 50 percent felt more confident in their faith. Nearly 40 percent of viewers communicated that SAT-7 PARS helps them feel connected to God and other Christians – many of them do not have access to local churches. Viewers also chose teaching programs as their favourite genre and asked for more to be shown on the channel due to the lack of local Christian resources in their own languages.

“The results suggest that SAT-7 PARS is playing an important role in challenging misconceptions about Christianity, as well as supporting isolated believers,” says Keenan.


Naturally, the survey only secured the opinions of a very small portion of the channel’s audience and therefore does not necessarily represent the opinions and experience of all SAT-7 PARS’ viewers. However, it offers valuable insight into some of the positive effects of the channel.

One viewer from Iran wrote: “Every day the programs give me energy, strengthen my faith, and bless me – especially the teachings such great people provide. They give me a ray of hope in this darkness.”

*Out of 883 respondents, 376 were viewers of SAT-7 PARS. 288 viewers answered the question about how SAT-7 PARS had impacted their life;66 said they committed to following Jesus as a result of watching the channel.

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