Prior to the new warnings and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, SAT-7 KIDS and SAT-7 ACADEMY in Lebanon trialled an initiative called From all our hearts as a new way to show love to children. The team visited young viewers at home – bringing joy, hearing their stories and needs, and leaving gifts that will help the children grow in faith.

“I like my kids to watch SAT-7 because they learn the right things. They learn songs and stories, and many other good things such as crafts and educational topics. And when they learn the right things, they share them with their friends.”

“My kids learn the right things from SAT-7” – Syrian mother

These are the words of an Armenian Syrian mother in Beirut, whose three daughters enjoyed a special visit from two SAT-7 staff members.

“We spent much of the day with this family, to learn in detail about their interests and what type of programs they would prefer to watch,” says Santa Hawa, Social Media Officer for the social development brand SAT-7 ACADEMY. “This project has two main goals: to show love to our Lebanese audience on the ground, and to engage with Syrian refugees, because it can be hard to reach them through social media.”

SAT-7 staff greet children in their home

Along with Jackline Assad, her counterpart from SAT-7 KIDS, Hawa spent time showing the girls how to engage with SAT-7’s children’s content through social media and websites. “That’s when the mother shared the feedback that she feels safe when her daughters watch our programs,” says Hawa. “They are fans of My School, The Greatest Friend, and Bedtime Stories.” At the end of the visit, the team gave the children some storybooks from their favourite programs and some other small souvenirs.

“From all our hearts” was initially launched as a special Valentine’s Day event, but the visit was so successful that the project will continue to meet more viewers from different backgrounds – once current health restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. “Being able to cooperate with our viewers closely broke the ice between us,” says Hawa. “We have since received many comments from people living in different regions, asking us to visit them as well.”

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