“It was about a year ago that I grew in faith through watching the programs on SAT-7 PARS,” writes Toofan* from Afghanistan. “It was through Facebook that I first came across SAT-7. I then joined the message groups on WhatsApp and Telegram and came to understand Christianity.”

Toofan is one of many viewers from Afghanistan who have recently contacted Persian-speaking channel SAT-7 PARS. Since launching on the popular satellite Yahsat in 2017, the channel has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Afghan viewers making contact.


Afghanistan is currently number two on Open Doors’ ‘World Watch List’ due to the high level of discrimination and persecution Christians face in the country[1]. Believers can be extremely isolated, often having no contact with other Christians and forced to hide their faith. Access to Christian resources, especially in their own language, is extremely limited.

However, SAT-7 continues to faithfully broadcast a message of hope into these challenging situations. “We can’t connect with other believers here, but I am learning by watching your programs and receive answers to my questions,” shares Toofan.


The SAT-7 PARS Audience Relations team are a source of valuable guidance and support to isolated Afghan believers. “We are hearing many inspiring testimonies of what God is doing in Afghanistan,” Rahil, SAT-7 PARS Audience Relations Coordinator, shares. “Many people from Afghanistan are contacting us, asking for prayer, and wanting to find out more about faith. They often call back and let us know what God has been doing in their life, and we are able to support them on their journey of faith.”

Viewers like Toofan have developed ongoing relationships with the SAT-7 Audience Relations staff, and turn to them for prayer support. “My wife is not a believer; please pray for her and that our lives change,” Toofan writes. “Every day I am learning new things from your programs and I am grateful that you spend so much time serving us while we can’t attend church. I am grateful for all of you dear ones.”

*Name changed for security purposes

[1] Open Doors World Watch List 2019:

Help SAT-7 continue to connect with Afghan believers like Toofan.


SAT-7 PARS is a 24/7 satellite television channel broadcasting a message of hope and encouragement to millions in the Persian-speaking world, with a dedicated Audience Relations team offering prayer and support to hundreds of viewers each week.

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