As SAT-7 KIDS celebrates its 12th anniversary, the Christian channel’s industry-leading new social media strategy achieves striking results. Viewer engagement doubles and youngsters across the Middle East grow in faith in response to the channel’s safe, encouraging presence in the unregulated “Wild West” of online content for children.

“SAT-7 KIDS is the candle that will show Jesus’ light to the world. I pray that the presenter and the program will be a light in the world and that God’s kingdom will come.”

– Viewer who connected with Bible Heroes presenters through Facebook Live

As these words from one young boy show, new weekly Facebook Live broadcasts by the popular SAT-7 KIDS shows Bible Heroes and A Riddle and a Story are making an impact on viewers. In these interactive sessions, the shows’ young presenters share messages, sing worship songs, and answer viewers’ questions. “Our dream is to conquer new ground through social media,” says Channel Manager Andrea Elmounayer. “And this is only the beginning.”

After the Facebook live broadcasts began, engagements grew by 108 percent.

When the Facebook Live broadcasts began in September, the number of likes, comments, and shares SAT-7 KIDS receives on the platform grew by 108 percent. In October, the channel’s posts were viewed almost 900,000 times – and a single post sharing a verse from Nehemiah was viewed more than 5,000 times. It is also clear from viewer feedback that children are growing in faith. A recent poll shows a remarkable 88 percent of viewers on Facebook learned about forgiveness in Christianity from SAT-7 KIDS.

And, in response to a question about hope, viewer Selena Shmar Dakneh says, “Hope is when we have asked something from God and we feel sure and hopeful that He will answer… But if it doesn’t happen, we should never give up on hope, because it could be that the thing we asked for is not for our own good.” Selena also shares that she dreams of preaching the gospel to the world.

Posts like this one, which shared Nehemiah 8:10, receive high engagement.

Although SAT-7 KIDS’ satellite channel continues to receive record viewership, the new strategy helps the channel reach a growing additional audience of children who do not watch traditional television. “We cannot deny the influence of social media, so we are working to empower our presence there more and more,” says Elmounayer. “So far it is going great – we receive a lot of encouraging stories and engagements. Next, we will add two sessions per month for kids to come and talk about their problems and pray with us.” As well as the special interactive sessions, the channel’s most popular live satellite shows are livestreamed on the platform.

In contrast to the many harmful videos and posts on unregulated social media for children, SAT-7 KIDS’ strategy was developed with expert input and best practice. At a recent training event and competition run by Media Impact International in Lebanon, a joint team from SAT-7 KIDS and the educational brand SAT-7 ACADEMY received support to develop their ongoing social media strategy. The team’s participation was so successful that they came away with the first prize. “We were exposed to the best practice in the world,” Elmounayer says. “This was a great encouragement to all involved and clear evidence that when we work together, we excel.”

Viewers love speaking to the Bible Heroes presenters in real time on Facebook Live.
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