A SAT-7 viewer living in a village in Fars province called to thank SAT-7 for their programmes and asked them to send him a Bible. When the telephone counsellor explained that he can download it from the internet, he replied: “We are villagers and have no idea about the internet. If you send me the Bible, I am happy to pay whatever the cost.”

20 year old Ebrahim from Tehran came to Christ a year ago from watching Christian programmes. He stopped many sinful habits and said that his life has changed completely. The telephone counsellor asked him if his parents know about his new faith. He answered “I cannot speak to them about Jesus so what I do is turn the TV to the SAT-7 PARS channel whilst my parents are in the room.”

A man called from Iran. He was a lawyer. He said:

“I have been watching your programmes for the last three months. They are very impressive and I want to give my heart, my money, my career and all my life to Christ.”

So our counsellor prayed for him and he gave his telephone number so our counsellor can be in touch with him again.


“Thank you very much for your live shows. We do not have a church in Iran therefore it is really beneficial for us to hear from Bible teachers and church pastors. And we can call them and talk to them. Thank you very much.” From a female viewer

Mehrad emailed to say: “I watched your programme tonight by accident. I am not a Christian but I really liked your programme and I would like to know how I can open my heart to Jesus and talk to him. I attempted to commit suicide at the age of 19 but miraculously I survived. I would really appreciate it if you could email me and guide me in the right direction.”

*Names and photos changed for security reasons

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