Start from Here- Jordanian women encourage peers

Currently in its fourth season, this innovative variety talk show from Jordan aims to wake women up to their potential. It raises awareness of how stereotypes hold women back in society and encourages them to change their situations. These are crucial topics because most women in the MENA are not aware of their right to combat destructive practices and harmful beliefs.

The program’s Jordanian Presenters, Yara, Martina, and Basma, discuss topics relevant to women and tackle negative cultural beliefs using Scripture and sketches. Start from Here also includes a “word for the day” segment and short interviews with guest experts. The show informs women about how to organise their lives, plan for their goals, and achieve more. Viewers are encouraged to use free technology and media to take hold of their lives and embrace new ways of doing things.

The Presenters’ vision is first to help women recognise the rigid roles and harmful gender stereotypes that have framed their lives, and secondly to encourage them to reconcile with themselves and God and begin making a change in society. “With Start from Here, we want to help Arab women free themselves from insecurity and stand strong against all cultural constraints,” states Presenter Basma Gammoh. “We want women to know what God has prepared for them and to celebrate God’s love.”

A previous episode tackled the topic of women in leadership. It showed how in many cultures in the MENA, women’s leadership abilities are often questioned. Women are seen as emotional and mood-­driven and as having weak personalities compared with men. The Presenters stressed that in fact, statistics show that on average women in the region are better educated than men. Even so, women’s chances of employment and income levels in this part of the world are far lower than they should be. In addition to the workload of an actual job, women in the MENA also have the extra burden and responsibility of household duties.

The aim of this episode was to help men understand the pressure placed on women and for women to express themselves and believe in themselves. The program does not aim to cause a divide between men and women, but rather to encourage better understanding, communication, and appreciation for what each gender has to offer.

This episode was so strong and should be watched by every husband and wife. As for me, before the episode  ended I picked up my phone and sent a message of encouragement to my  husband. Thank you for the beautiful  and creative thoughts. I can’t wait
to see more.
A Facebook comment from
a female viewer


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