Little Musician, a Farsi-language program for children aged 4–12, will be recorded in late September and early October this year.

Inspired by the SAT-7 PARS program Little Painter, which was produced in 2015, Little Musician teaches children about Christian music and worship using stories from the Bible.

An interactive show
The program’s presenter begins each episode by sharing a Bible story. She then teaches the children a song relevant to the topic, inviting the young viewers to play along at home with their own instruments.

The first 13 episodes, lasting 15–20 minutes, will each teach a different Biblical story. For example, viewers will learn about Adam and Eve, Jesus feeding the 5,000, and the parable of the houses built on the rock and on the sand.

God-given gifts
“We are teaching children to worship Jesus with beautiful melodies and Persian hymns,” says a SAT-7 PARS producer.

“It is very important for children in Iran, who do not have the opportunity to attend church, to understand the importance of worship in Christian life. We want to encourage children to play music for the Lord and worship Him using their God-given gifts.”


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