Three young Presenters from SAT-7 KIDS are shaping the future of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). With their program A Riddle and a Story, they are helping children across the region lay down strong foundations of faith and positive values.

Before long, millions of children in the MENA will be adults striving to build their lives in a region beset by poverty, political instability, and inequality.

What do these young people need to navigate these challenges and become strong, determined individuals who can change the face of the region?

They need faith. They need healthy, inclusive values. They need hope, and the knowledge that they are not alone – that they are always supported by their Heavenly Father.


Communicating God’s love to these children is the very heart of SAT-7 KIDS. And, the team has learned, there is no better way to do this than by giving a voice to Christian youngsters who understand the issues their peers are facing.

Enter Joyce (12), Keyanna (13), and Joy (19), Presenters of the live teaching and worship program A Riddle and a Story. Every week, their show broadcasts Bible stories, songs, and life lessons into the homes and hearts of millions of children.


Children can call in live to the program and talk with the young Presenters, share their own stories, and seek advice.

“We get about 15 to 20 calls from children per episode,” says Joy. “We have been broadcasting live every week since 2018. That’s a lot of phone calls over time! We also receive a lot of comments and questions on Facebook.”

From left to right: Keyana, Joyce and Joy. The three Presenters answer calls and read viewers’ messages on air.

The Presenters relate to young viewers’ struggles by sharing their own experiences. “A girl from Egypt called and asked us about cheating in school,” says Keyanna. “I shared a similar experience of mine and how I dealt with it by praying and trusting God.”


“Our young Presenters are becoming ‘healthy influencers’ with beautiful characters, unshaken faith in Jesus Christ, and witty personalities,” says Producer Marianne Awaraji. “We are confident that they will positively affect our young viewers and lead them to genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.”

The alternative – idolising secular celebrities who may present unhealthy values – will not help children grow. “We want to give our young viewers good role models to look up to,” Marianne says.

And, as Joyce shares, it is clear their loving, open attitude is making an impact. “We get so many comments from kids who tell us how they watched our show, learned from our stories, and have changed their behaviour.”

Just one of many comments came from Samy in Egypt, who says, “It’s my joy to thank you all for this lovely program. I learned a lot from it. We love you!”


Marianne sees great ongoing potential in the youngsters’ natural presenting, acting, and singing talents. Joyce, who performs all the show’s songs, says, “I felt shy to sing in front of the camera and a live audience. Marianne taught me to believe in the talents that God gave me.”

When asked what their own dreams are, the Presenters’ answer is unanimous: for God to use them and their talents to help more people, and for their program to help children grow closer to Jesus.


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