Earlier in our conversation about MENA women, we’ve seen how SAT-7’s program, Needle and New Thread, gives women a voice, and we stepped inside the tent of a refugee mother to learn how she survives. We now want to consider whether there are MENA women who have made a life in the face of enormous social challenges. And we hope to inspire others with their stories. Do such women exist in MENA?


One such program showcases the lives of successful Arab women with the goal of raising the aspirations of female viewers. She’s the Story features various Arab women – from Egypt’s first female judge to a world squash champion – who have worked hard, overcome prejudice or cultural limitations and made it to top positions in both the public and private sectors.

Rafik George, the program’s producer and director, said, “The message of the program is to tell women that no matter what their background or the circumstances they grew up in, they can still become successful and achieve their dreams. Our guests have trodden rough paths to reach their high positions, but with perseverance, patience and determination, they reached their goals.”

In a series of candid interviews, She’s the Story guests talk about their childhoods, their education, their challenges and their achievements. The first series features a member of parliament, a government minister, an academic professor, a Christian businesswoman, a charity founder, a journalist and a fashion designer. While they are from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse interests, these women have a key thing in common – they have all managed not only to break social barriers but also to lead meaningful careers.


SAT-7 wants to inspire young women with the aim of impacting the next generation of leaders and achievers. We want to show mothers, sisters, aunts, community leaders, and social changers that they are all loved and held-high by God.

She’s the Story is just one of a number of dedicated programs for women on SAT-7 that seek to uplift women through Christian principles about who God made women to be and what place in the world He intended for them.

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