Combining the power of storytelling and music, the second series of the popular SAT-7 PARS children’s show Stories and Songs enables young Persian-speakers to learn about Biblical characters they may have never heard of.

The newly redesigned bright and colourful set, combined with music and visual effects makes the second series of Stories and Songs even more appealing to children.

As the Director of the show, Nader Taghizadeh, explains: “Children are so imaginative, and many of us remember the fantasy worlds and imaginary friends we made up as children. It might have been a doll, a car or a plane that in our imagination took on a life of its own.”

Dressed as a Ladybird called Mozhparak, the Presenter of Stories and Songs lives in a large teapot surrounded by a pond, huge mushrooms, unusual creatures, and chocolate trees.

“Kids love this kind of thing!” Nader says. “We wanted to create something like a wonderland. In post-production we add graphics and visual and sound effects which are attractive to children.”


Presenter Mojgan Keikha wrote the script for the second series, with the idea to focus on Biblical heroes. Each episode begins with a Biblical story, followed by worship songs linked to the storyline.

The second series also introduces a new character, Refigh Jan, literally meaning Beloved Friend. Being invisible he can only be heard. He is wise and answers questions early on in each episode before the Presenter begins her story.

One episode tells the story of Noah; exploring what he did, how people mocked him, and how through his trust and obedience he helped save humanity from being completely destroyed in the flood.

Mojgan concludes that we too, by our trust and obedience to God and His Word, can be used by Him and even be heroes like Noah.



At the end of each episode there is a worship song, performed by Dariush Golbaghi, a well-known Iranian musician, and Marco Wongsosemito, a musician from the Netherlands.

“Each song reflects the story,” Nader explains. “Dariush wrote some of the songs especially for this program.”

“We want the children watching to join in with the songs, to get drawn into this wonderland and learn about God at the same time!”

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