A new creative program presents God’s Word through worship music and poetry, touching the hearts of viewers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Set to broadcast on SAT-7 ARABIC, Our People features well-known poet Dr Shady George, who shares the teachings of Jesus Christ with viewers. The program aims to bring viewers a flavour of Upper Egypt, where the show was recorded. Each short episode is set in a different location, including villages, farms, and in the countryside, and local audience members wearing traditional clothing take part in the singing. Dr George is also from Upper Egypt, meaning his speech is easily understood by viewers not only in Egypt itself but also from other countries across North Africa.

Well-known poet Dr Shady George

The show’s simple themes will include forgiveness, loving others, humility, peacemaking, and faith. It aims to show viewers that instead of being abstract ideas far removed from them, these are living truths applicable to their daily lives.

Each episode of Our People is made up of three parts. First, Dr George presents a parable of Jesus either in a poem written especially for the program or in prose. His words are followed by a folk song performed by musician Samuel Farouk, and Dr George ends the program by suggesting practical ways viewers can apply the parable’s message in their own lives.

The show’s Producer, Andrew Gamal, feels it is vitally important to share these lessons in easily accessible ways. The show’s format may be especially helpful, he explains, for young people who may not have the biblical knowledge they need to distinguish Christian messages from others that misrepresent the faith. He said:

Our People is a place where viewers can find the truth without losing their way. The core of the program is to tell people about Jesus, the Bible, and to emphasise the principles of Christianity. There are not too many words – only verses from the Bible, set to poetry and song.”

SEEING THE SPIRIT MOVE                                                        

Gamal also shared how he sees the importance of Christian music in SAT-7’s programming schedule, saying:

“I think music is crucial. A song can share a message from the Bible in a very touching way in just five or six minutes. Songs and music are a different language from teaching – one that is very important for our viewers, especially those from the younger generations. The Holy Spirit can breathe through a worship song.”

Our People is just 7-10 minutes long, so the 26 episodes in this series can be easily shared and watched via social media, where viewers will also be invited to share their thoughts and reach out to the team. The songs and poems performed on Our People will be produced as audio tracks by Radio Mazboot, which is collaborating with SAT-7 as a partner on this program.

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