“The message of Easter is one of hope, victory, and love for all humankind. We want to share this message with our viewers through our Easter programming,” says Senior Manager Panayiotis Keenan.

Many new believers in Iran face persecution for their faith; attending church or celebrating Easter is prohibited or dangerous. This underground church is forced to meet in smaller circles to lower the risk of being discovered. Uncovered secret groups are often socially ostracised; they are forced out of schools, jobs, or communities. Many have stopped attending home churches altogether as reports of Christians being arrested for their faith is not a rare occurrence.


Satellite TV is often the sole means of connecting with other Christians. “Isolated Persian believers want to feel a part of the global church in celebrating Christ’s resurrection, and SAT-7 PARS gives them a way to do so,” explains Keenan.

“The cross is the foundation of our faith. It is important for us to offer many programs to our viewers; to explain, remember and celebrate the Lord’s sacrifice for us all.”


This Holy Thursday, the Principles of Faith live show is airing a special episode to commemorate Easter. Rev Edward Hovsepian and Pastor Miltan Danil will discuss Jesus’s final hours before His crucifixion, death, and resurrection as recounted in Scripture. They will examine the symbolism of these events and how they still impact us today.

“Easter is at the heart of Christianity,” says Pastor Miltan, “because our salvation comes from Jesus’s crucifixion and His resurrection. Our primary aim is to tell viewers that today is the day for confession. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and our salvation.”

The special program will also commemorate the Last Supper by breaking bread and sharing wine with the presenters, guests, and crew on set. Viewers will also be encouraged to join in this act of Holy Communion – to celebrate in their homes the Lord’s sacrifice for all.


“This Easter, my prayer is that our viewers will experience Jesus’ resurrection power in their lives and that they will continue to grow in their faith and shine Christ’s light,” says Keenan.

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