A new weekly live show on SAT-7 PARS shares powerful viewer testimonies. Through these real-life stories of transformation, Signal seeks to engage its audience on a deeper level and encourage isolated Persian believers.

“I have been dreaming about making a program like this for years,” shares Petros Mohseni, Producer and Director of Signal. “We have never done anything like this on SAT-7 PARS before; we are pioneering something new.”

The unique and fast-paced live show has several different segments covering news, Bible teaching, viewer testimonies, and more. For the first time, viewers will be able to see the faces of the people they are communicating with when they contact SAT-7 PARS. Additionally, viewers will have the opportunity to encourage others by sharing their experiences on-air.

From left to right – Presenter Reza Jafari, Producer and Director Petros Mohseni, and Presenter Niloufar Raisi, on the set of Signal

“In the news section we share good news from the past week, because we want to highlight the positive things happening inside Iran,” explains Petros. “There are many negative reports and people are getting disillusioned, but we want to bring hope.”


The SAT-7 PARS team hopes that the show will engage their audience on a deeper level, by connecting them with SAT-7 staff and other Persian believers. The Audience Relations staff themselves present the testimony section, sharing testimonies they have received. They always get permission from the viewers, and take steps to protect their identity where necessary.


“When viewers hear these stories we really believe they will be inspired and encouraged,” Reza Jafari, one of the Presenters of Signal, explains. “They may feel all alone and very isolated, but then they will know that there are other people just like them, going through similar situations.”

“Rather than hearing from a Pastor or well-known figure, we want to share the everyday stories of Persian people and how their lives are being transformed by Jesus,” adds Petros.

“We want our viewers, especially those who are isolated, to feel connected to a community who can encourage and support them. As Persian-speaking believers we may be scattered all over the globe, but we are one!”

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