SAT-7 KIDS program receives Special Mention at youth television awards

The SAT-7 KIDS team are honoured to have received a Special Mention at the 2022 Prix Jeunesse International Festival, which was held on 10-15 June in Munich, Germany. The program Story in the Attic was among the finalists in the “Fiction for Ages 11-15″ category, and was also a finalist for the festival’s Gender Equity Prize. 

“Supporting young people in the Middle East to grow up strong in their faith and values is a key pillar of SAT-7’s work. We are therefore honoured to have received a Special Mention for the program Story in the Attic at the Prix Jeunesse International youth television festival in Munich, Germany. The creativity and commitment of our SAT-7 KIDS team has enabled them to be featured amongst the world’s biggest youth television producers, and the best part is that this brings glory to God and His work,” said Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7’s CEO.

One of the children sits in the attic with the lively storytelling characters

Story in the Attic’s themes revolve around teaching children to understand their value and the basic children’s and human’s rights to which they are entitled, encouraging viewers to promote them among their surroundings. An episode on “Early Marriage” was singled out for notice by the Prix Jeunesse jury, who highlighted this as an important topic for programs for young viewers to tackle.  

The program is a storytelling drama that takes place inside an attic, where a forgotten painting comes to life and its characters teach the children of the house a range of important lessons. Other topics covered include overcoming fear, trusting God, respect for nature, perspectives on violence, forgiveness, and more.  

The painting in the attic comes to life

Additionally, the disability inclusion program City of Stars was honourably featured in the festival’s catalogue under “Quality in Children’s TV Worldwide”, which showcases outstanding television programs for children. 

The PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL Festival is the oldest children’s and youth television festival worldwide. Every two years, it recognises the best children’s programs on television. 

Early marriage is an important issue to raise awareness about in the Middle East and North Africa region, due to high percentages of these cases. The highest percentage is in Yemen, where almost a third of girls are married in childhood. Even in Lebanon, where Story in the Attic was made, almost six percent of girls are married before the age of 18, according to a UNICEF Regional Study on Child Marriage, with reasons such as poverty, lack of education, and parental pressure cited.  

Andrea El-Mounayer, SAT-7 KIDS Channel Manager, and Petra Charabaty, Channel Coordinator, attending the Prix Jeunesse festival in Munich, Germany

Please Pray: 

  • For the children and families who watch Story in the Attic, that they will be greatly blessed by the education and encouragement it offers and will implement 
  • For protection for girls at risk of early marriage and for change in communities where it is prevalent. 
  • For all the SAT-7 KIDS staff and team who worked on the program and who were present in Munich for the festival.  
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